Translate frontend to portuguese

Hello, i am new to Drupal and i would like to translate the whole Frontend of FarmOS to brazillian portuguese. I have installed some modules but they did not translate everything. Where do i start? Thanks.


Hi @sonwander - welcome to the farmOS forum! And that’s great that you want to help translate!

Read through this thread over here: farmOS translation (i18n)

There’s a bunch of good information, context, and troubleshooting ideas over there.

Good luck! Thanks again!

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Thanks for your help and congrats for the great work on FarmOS

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Hi Sonwander,

Have you made progress in this translation. I just came to the forum to write a message to offer help in this task. Maybe we can join forces?


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Hello, Rafael! Email me:
Or send me a message via WhatsApp 5531975631347