farmOS 2.0 Translation / Localization (l10n) Initiative

I asked the following in the Drupal #multilingual Slack channel:

Is it possible for a Drupal project (eg: module or distro) to include *.po files directly in it’s codebase, and for those to take precedence over strings downloaded from
I am asking this for two reasons:

  1. We are undertaking an initiative to translate farmOS into a few specific languages, and while we go through the long process of pushing strings to and getting them approved, we are wondering if we can ship strings directly, as a temporary measure.
  2. I am wondering specifically if these included strings will override strings so that we can avoid a few edge-cases where a string context would otherwise be necessary.

Gábor Hojtsy replied:

I think there are likely contributed modules to make this possible, but I did not use either, so cannot suggest one.
If you build your own distro or include a composer scaffolding setup, you can also ship .po files into the locations Drupal expects them and configure it to use those instead of the remote files. But then the remote files will not be checked.

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Mostly complete Norwegian (bokmål) translation of the user interface is ready.
I can do the fieldkit too, when it’s ready for translation.

The grammar is sometimes bad since some of the sentences are composed by different translations. But they are easy to understand tho.


Hello @mstenta
I’ll be happy to contribute on the French translation.
I’m not a Geek guy, but as long as its text that need to be translate, I’m happy to offer my help.

Thank you.


Welcome @rolin! Let me see if I can get some updated PO file exports packaged up for you (and others) to work from. I think that will help to kickstart some of these processes.

Sounds good.

Thank you

Hello MIke,
I’m still waiting for the Updated PO file.

Thank you.

@rolin I won’t have time to do that today. I will when I have a chance.

(If anyone else wants to beat me to this, I was just planning on using this module to export: Translation template extractor |

Hello @mstenta , no issue, Please take your time.
When you have free time you can work on it and share.
I went throught the translation template extractor link, I’m totaly lost.

as said before, I’m not a programmer or internet geek. if I can just have a file that i can help translate from english to French, I’ll be happy with that, aything related with programming or coding, I’m sorry I’ll not help.

Please take your time, and share the file when you can.

Thank you…

Alright! I think I managed to create a proper pot file. :slight_smile:

I uploaded it to a gist, dated (because it’s technically created from my local dev branch). I think a more official workflow for producing versioned copies of this would be useful. Especially for comparing strings between versions to know what might need to be updated/added by translators.

@rolin Hopefully this at least gives you a place to start!

Worth noting, this only includes strings in the farmOS installation profile, which does not include ALL modules included with farmOS. For instance, the Log module is a separate project with its own strings. The same is true of other modules. I didn’t include those in the POT because it’s hard to say where to draw the line exactly.

Yes, Definetely…

Thank you @mstenta

Hello @mstenta
Here is the link to farmOS french translation. [farmOS ver 2.x French translation]
Do you mind applying it to a demo farmOS and share the link with me?
That will help me to review and correct my translation.

Thank you

Hello @mstenta
I’m not sure what is the correct extension for the file, .po or .pot.
Hee is the link with the files .po and .pot. French translation pot file


Hello @mstenta
I know you are very busy.
Can you please assist adding my french translation to the farmOS demo?
I will love to see how are thing and improve my translation.
I have some free time now and i can focus on it.


@rolin Thanks again for working on this! I don’t know if there’s an easy way to get your translations into the demo site, however.

@paul121 maintains the code for running the demo sites, and as far as I know they pull translations from, which is ultimately where your translations will need to be proposed/accepted by the French language maintainers.

The PO file is a short-term way to get you started with translations before then… but using the PO files requires a more manual setup process. I wish I could help more right now, to keep you moving forward, but I am swamped with work for the next few weeks unfortunately.

If you are interested, it would be great if you could take it to the next step yourself by setting up a local development environment and familiarizing yourself with the process of importing/exporting translations. Otherwise you will have to wait for another volunteer such as myself to help.

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Hello @mstenta
Thank you for your time today.
Ok i’ll give a try to a local instance of farmOS on my computer.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Great! Happy to provide guidance @rolin if you run into any issues! Please start a separate forum topic for that, so we can keep this one focused on the translation initiative for others.


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Hey @rolin thanks for the contribution here!

Instructions for uploading your PO file to are here (it took me a few minutes to find this, the trick was going to the “Working with offline translations” category):

Alternatively, you can translate user interface text directly in the site. Both of these options will require you to create an account and join the language group(s) you are contributing to. I would recommend starting with these instructions as it walks through the whole process. Once your account is set, you can upload the PO file.

Can you please assist adding my french translation to the farmOS demo?

I’d love to get your translations onto the demo! Let us know once your translations have been approved by your group on We then need to make two small changes to the demo site to add French:

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Hello @paul121 Thank you for these input.
I manage to run farmOS on my A2Hosting server, and I was able to translate it following the instruction from

@mstenta and @paul121 I was willing to work only on farmOS translation to french as this wasnt available yet. I know there are thousand of people already woring on drupal translation, my concern was farmOS. and thank you, I have a good translation now, more details, and I’ll keep updating. for now it works perfectly for me, and I’ll be happy to share the .PO file with you when ever you want it, so that we can have the french language to farmOS as well.

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