farmOS 2.0 Translation / Localization (l10n) Initiative

I asked the following in the Drupal #multilingual Slack channel:

Is it possible for a Drupal project (eg: module or distro) to include *.po files directly in it’s codebase, and for those to take precedence over strings downloaded from
I am asking this for two reasons:

  1. We are undertaking an initiative to translate farmOS into a few specific languages, and while we go through the long process of pushing strings to and getting them approved, we are wondering if we can ship strings directly, as a temporary measure.
  2. I am wondering specifically if these included strings will override strings so that we can avoid a few edge-cases where a string context would otherwise be necessary.

Gábor Hojtsy replied:

I think there are likely contributed modules to make this possible, but I did not use either, so cannot suggest one.
If you build your own distro or include a composer scaffolding setup, you can also ship .po files into the locations Drupal expects them and configure it to use those instead of the remote files. But then the remote files will not be checked.

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