Log activity enterence

For example, we have processed the saplings in the garden on the map as on the screen.
We enter activity for these saplings. When we open the activity log and move on with the navigation device in the garden, when we come to the sapling, does it automatically select that sapling?

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farmOS doesn’t have any auto-detection of which assets you are close to, but it’s something we’ve talked about and certainly possible!

You may be interested in this discussion: Evaluating the potential of commercial GPS technologies to monitor on-farm assets - #3 by sam_uk

then it is not possible for now or is there a partial way?

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That would be a neat feature however accuracy of mobile devices might be an issue.

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We are using a GPS device, there is no problem with coordinate, but we could not solve it how to do it.

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Is your GPS device connected to your phone/computer?

In Field Kit (https://farmOS.app) we experimented with a “proximity search” feature that would help you to find “nearby areas” based on your current GPS location. I consider this a first step in this direction.

However, two big hurdles currently:

  1. It uses the device’s GPS, and so the accuracy is limited to the device. Most phones have “pretty good” GPS - but still pretty course accuracy.
  2. The Field Kit implementation only searches “Areas” - but not “Assets”. So if your saplings are entered as individual Assets they won’t show in the search. This is changing in farmOS 2.x, because Areas are becoming Assets - so it will work for both.

Are each of your saplings represented as separate Assets? That will be the only way to allow for selection of individual saplings and auto-detection of their location, when we are able to…