Mapping issue: editing one paddock allows overlaping an adjacent one... Bug?

In real life farming:

  • if paddocks are field areas delimited by a fence, then

  • adjacent paddocks:
    ** share a common fence
    ** their areas do not overlap

Having two adjacent paddocks (WD35C and WD35D) I wanted to test if editing paddock C’s Southern corner post (black dot), which is shared between C and D, would also change the shape of paddock D.
It did not.
It increased the area of C without reducing the area of D, resulting in an unnatural overlap.

dotted red line: original boundary fence
light blue area: overlapping area
yellow solid lines: current paddocks boundaries

Note: overlapping would be acceptable for other type of assets such as structures (for example, a roof structure covering a through)

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Hi @Guillermo - that’s an interesting idea, but it isn’t a bug. That’s just the way that farmOS works when you are editing the geometry of land assets individually. farmOS has no way of knowing what your intentions are in this context. You may be drawing historical paddocks that DID overlap, for all it knows.

I think in order to achieve what you have in mind, these paddocks would need to be edited together in some sort of higher-level paddock editor (which does not exist - but could). Or, you could use a third-party tool like QGIS to draw/edit your geometries and then import them into farmOS once they are finished. I’m not sure if QGIS offers this feature, either, though - but perhaps worth exploring.


This is a little interesting to me, because in my multi level (vertical setups) I have two geometric “grow spaces” on top of each other and I jlhandle them separately. I appreciate that this is not limited to hard bounds.