Missing logs when browsing API

Trying to study the api to create a movement log from Node-Red.

I did a movement from the Move Asset-button in the asset view.
But I cant find this log when searching the API.

Also tried searching for a new activity log I created to test with, but I can’t find it.

Does the Move asset button create an Activity log?

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If you go to the asset page, and click the “Logs” tab you should see all logs that reference the asset. Open the “Filters” box and filter to movement logs, and you’ll see all of the asset’s movements.

Hopefully that will help you located it via the API too. You basically want to filter by the asset and is_movement fields in the API (also by timestamp and status if it’s possible you have uncompleted movements in the future that should not be included).

Full location logic is documented here: Location | farmOS

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