Move animals quick form

Hey! At WNC, we’re using the move animals quick form to add dairy herd movements. Is there any way to add a time function on the quick form? Currently, we’re having to go back and edit the time of the newly created movement logs based on if its an AM or PM movement. A function for time right on the quick form would be super helpful!


Hi @cekerber - @paul121 is actually working on the ability to load “planned” movements back into the quick form, so you can make changes to them in the same place. So stay tuned for that! Hope to get that in soon. :slight_smile:

Here’s a preview @paul121 made:

Edit: Oh oops I missed the part about AM/PM. So adding time would make sense!

@cekerber would adding fields for the hour + minute be sufficient? Hours are in 24 hour format.

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Yeah that would be perfect! Thanks @mstenta and @paul121 !

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Hi @cekerber - just a heads up that we deployed this change as well as a number of others!

  • Planned movements dropdown (to load pending movements that were created by the quick form)
  • Completed checkbox (to mark a movement as “pending”)
  • Photo attachments (one photo per observation)
  • Ability to set hours+minutes in the movement time
  • Load the actual geometries of the assets for pre/post observation logs
  • Show area measurement of current/new geometries (eg: acres)

These are all super helpful! Thanks @mstenta

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