New flag module

I would like to create a new flag module. Like the oragnic and and biodynamic module.
I believe most farmers have to relate to some sort of farm quality assurance.
This means documenting stuff. Sometimes it benefits the farmer, and sometimes not.

I believe a flag :triangular_flag_on_post: is a great way to mark these logs.
Flags are easy to set at a later time on multiple logs in one operation, in case you forget to set it in the first place. (It can somtimes be hard to rember how everyting should be logged)
A flag is also quite visible.

But I have no clue naming this flag in english language.

I farm in Norway, and we have KSL (Quality assurance in farming)

Would FQA an appropriate term in English?


I’m not sure I understand the context around how the new flag would be used, but it sounds kind of similar to the existing “Needs review” flag…


In order to help with the naming further, maybe you can explain a bit more how the proposed flag is different than the flags that already come with farmOS core?

As for how to actually accomplish adding such a flag, the documentation can be found here, if you haven’t already found it. :slight_smile:


There’s different tings to log. And with Farm Quality Assurance there are also revisions by external auditors. The main difference with this flag is finding these recods when you need them. E.g the revision.

The flag may also funtion as a visual reminder of logging such things. I intend to have a blueish color for this.
Existing flags are’nt that useful for this case. Also I think the eclogical flag has similar context if you think of revisions. In that case it makes sense to use a flag instead of a category.

I just copied another flag code, but thanks for reminding me. I often forget to check the documentation.

Maybe “Revision” could work? Not too long, and self explaining.

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On the other hand… I did a test in v1 fieldkit. It does not provide flag support.
This is quite essential in this case. (Could set the flag in a bulk operation later tho)

If I was to use the v1 fieldkit for this type of logging, I would prefer using categories, so I could set it directly.

@jgaehring Maybe flag support will come in v2 fieldkit?

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BBQA in Ireland (Bord Bia = Food Board in Irish)
FQAS in Northern Ireland (Farm Quality Assurance Scheme)

I assume most EU states have a similar Quality Assurance scheme, So FQA or QA I’d imagine would be suitable in English. I’d second it as a good idea for an additional flag.


We don’t have a specific timeline for flags in Field Kit, probably after it gets its beta release, but we certainly should!

We are in a great position to support all sorts of entities in version 2, including plans and files etc, but I haven’t had time yet to look specifically into flags. They’re a bit special (I think they’re config entities? do you know @Symbioquine?), but it should be pretty straight-forward either way.

The other thing to note is that Field Kit v2 will also be more modular, with the current (and only) “Tasks” module being just one of many. So it might be a great opportunity to think about how to flag logs from Field Kit, based on your specific use case. Might even make sense to build a separate module around that!


That sounds promising.
Actually, a new log template would be awesome.

When creating a log, the user could save it as a template named “FQA log”
Later, when tapping new log, you could select e.g. “FQA log”, and fields could be prefilled as the user wishes.
This would also ease logging of repeating task alot.
Best of all: It adapts the user.

Also, it could be possible to hide never used fields in templates.


Yes! @Logger brought up a very similar idea with Field Kit Log presets. I still really love the concept but haven’t been able to put any attention towards it as we’ve been in v2-mode.

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Yeah, I think that’s true. It’s also implied by the docs;


I would advise against a flag named “Revision” because farmOS v2 uses the term “Revisions” to track overall changes made to a log/asset over time (see the “Revisions” tab on individual records).

“QA” feels like a nice general-purpose flag name for quality assurance purposes, and is a standard name used in lots of places! Just my two cents… :slight_smile:


Good point.

I like QA too.

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Spot on!! :slight_smile:
It will be ready just in time for the future.