Notes from October 14 Community Call

One of the things we discussed in yesterday’s Community Call was the need to share the information in the call with the rest of the Community.

Here are my really rough notes - sorry, they are very focused on topics that interest me, and I may have gotten a lot of it wrong!

There are also some notes in the agenda (thank you)

Improvements to Community Site

Technical merits of moving from MKDocs to Gatsby

  • Gatsby supports blogging and better marketing
  • Gatsby may allow better linkouts to other GIT repos
  • important because FarmOS 2.x docs are being maintained in the 2.x branch

Community Features (ideas)

  • Blogs
    • A day in the life…
    • Here’s my hack…
  • Unstructured FAQ
    • also may put this as a pinned post in Discourse
  • Community Aggregator with geographic locations of members of the community (e.g. map)
  • Automate monthly call information
    • creation of dates at the beginning of the year
    • automatic time zone calculation
  • Sample / Demo FarmOS server hosted within Community for members to try
  • Real, interactive Area data in the Community site header

(later in the discussion, but including here)

  • Run Webinars or live interviews with FarmOS users; we can then turn the content into blog posts / use cases / case studies / marketing materials
  • More pictures! Side-by-side pictures of a farm and then the FarmOS record?
  • Engagement with Community calls
    • monthly call secretary as a rotating job
    • post minutes as a blog post?
    • upvote topics people are interested in?
    • dedicate first 30mins to Community Issues?

Community (who?)

  • Devs, FarmOS Admins, Farm Managers, Field Kit users, IT Admins
  • may be where to find the information different users want
  • Example of really good signposting:

User Guide Hosting

  • Currently only the latest documentation hosted on the Community Site; previous versions are available through GITHub commit history
  • Can see 2.x documentation in progress here:
  • 2.x docs will be maintained in 2.x branch (1.x docs are maintained in a separate repo, which has a maintenance overhead)
  • How to host both 1.x and 2.x docs while both are in support?
  • Should we host different versions of 2.x on the Community?
  • Should we embed the 2.x User Guide into the software itself?
    • could do as a separate Docker container
    • could make it so different bits of doc “turn on” when you add a module
    • could include the little “i” icons to link to appropriate documentation
    • Use Drupal Tours?
    • would need to still include User Guide on Community so that it can be indexed by Google


The OpenCollective fund is meant for Community investment

  • how do we prioritize?
    • autoBounty project in GITHub to choose what’s next
    • democracy vs. dictatorship model
  • may be Grants to match any Community events
  • long term, may want to become a Non-Profit
  • need to manage growth of users in parallel with adding technical value


Kirsten to post her rough notes
We should develop a list of potential improvements to the Community, based on this call and forum posts, and develop a voting mechanism to prioritise based on Community feedback.


Excellent notes, thanks so much for sharing, Kirsten!

And I’m so glad you’ve noted the follow-up actions here as well. I’m a little swamped right now, but next week I’ll try to write up some proposed voting mechanisms in a separate forum topic. Of course, I invite you or anyone else who wants to get that ball rolling, to go ahead and start a new topic in the meantime.

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