Quick form for Inputs?

From the documentation, the right way to track feeding is with an input log associated with an animal asset which makes sense. However, feeding happens often and there is no quick form for inputs. I’m considering trying my hand at making a quick form module but first want to check, does one already exist that I missed or, is there a reason a quick form for inputs doesn’t exist and I shouldn’t try to make one. Thanks.

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Go for it! I’d love to see a general purpose “feeding” module for animals.

On a related note, @jgaehring is going to be working on an “Inputs” Field Module for Field Kit - but it will be focused on “inputs” in the planting context - not animals. So both will be necessary. Field Modules may end up being the long term replacement for Quick Forms, so perhaps worth following that initiative too - but still worth making your own Quick Form in the short term…