Re beta invite for iOS

Good day, looking at the farmOS website for information regarding using Test Flight with Field Kit,
Field Kit - it says its requires a invite and when directed to that link it says this Beta is no longer taking invites.
" The iOS app is only available right now via Test Flight and you will need an invite in order to install it. If you’d like to request and invite, you can sign up here."

Does this mean that because no invite available currently people are not able to install fieldkit on iOS using Test Pilot? Or does this mean beta is just not taking invites and it still works?

I am not a iOS user and trying to trouble shoot for a group i am helping remotely.

Thanks for any insight!


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TL;DR; Point them at and suggest that they could use the “Add to Home Screen” option on some devices to “Install” a convenient shortcut to the app - which runs in their browser.


Ok thank you for the link to thread and confirmation.

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Hey Shan!

Ah, sorry for the confusion! I should definitely fix the website to reflect those more recent decisions. Hope the PWA is working for folks. If not, you know how to reach me! :wink:

PS: been meaning to reach out again re: ecommerce integrations, but the farmOS 2.0 migration has been all-consuming in 2021 so far. Be well!

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Hi @jgaehring
Thanks for the ping! The PWA is working just fine. Makes it waaay simpler and straight forward. Plus it seems best with everything staying up to date etc! So im stoked on it!!! :slight_smile:
Re ecommerce integrations, i totally understand priorities and look forward to connect when its natural. Most importantly im really stoked to see 2.0 get launched. I am looking forward to getting upgraded. Great job you guys! We got our local college on to farmOS! They love it and building out entire farm already! Lots to come of this regarding grants and other support.
Ill send you a message soon with some updates on things happening on this end!
All the best Jamie!

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