Reset button does not work

reset button in filter does not work in assets.

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Thanks for reporting @compact2 - I was able to replicate with the following steps:

  1. Go to Logs > Activities
  2. Click “Add activity”
  3. Click the “Assets” tab on the left
  4. Click “Add items”
  5. Open the “Filters”
  6. Click “Reset”

I did some quick searching and found two issues that describe the same bug in the upstream Entity Reference Views Widget module:

Doesn’t appear that there is an agreed upon solution and neither issue has been updated in many years.

We will probably have to just live with this as a “known issue” in farmOS 1.x.

farmOS 2.x does not use the Entity Reference View Widget module, so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

so how can i add select all to filters?(for exp. Log type) When I choose one, I can’t get out of here.I want to add “any” selection .

for example i choose activity in log type always at least 1 is selected.

If none are selected, then no filtering will be applied, which is the same as “select all”. If you have selected something already, you can unselect by holding Ctrl and clicking on it.