Spray job quick form

Does anybody have a good way to record spray jobs, ideally in field kit?

My state requires detailed record keeping around
crop, location, acre’s, gallon’s/acre, time date (start & stop), temperature, wind speed and direction, equipment, operator chemical('s) used and rate (lbs/ac, oz/ac, oz/100 gal etc), purpose ( specific weeds, foliar feeding, fungacide etc)

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I don’t have much experience with that sort of records or know if other folks have an existing convention for them, but it seems fairly easy to capture within farmOS’ data model.

e.g. here’s a log I made up to play with the quantities/etc;

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I do something similar for my spray records, and kept one as a pending log as a template to clone. is there a simpler way to effectively create a log template that you can use repeatedly ?


That’s a good way to do it @oliverp44! Probably the easiest way in farmOS itself, without extra development effort. Next step might be to develop a quick form.

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Is there a guide somewhere how to develop a quick form ?

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Quick forms are essentially Drupal forms (using Drupal’s Form API). We add a small layer of helpers on top of that. A very simple example is documented here: Quick forms | farmOS

Drupal Form API docs: Introduction to Form API | Form API | Drupal Wiki guide on Drupal.org

I should revive the spray field module for Field Kit.