The file could not be uploaded because the destination "private://farm/asset/2023-01" is invalid

I’m new to Drupal and FarmOS.
Recently I installed FarmOS with CloudPanel (Nginx based) and everything seems to be working fine. However, when I try to upload a file, it always gives me this error.

" The file could not be uploaded because the destination “private://farm/asset/2023-01 " is invalid.”

I installed tarball from GitHub, and I followed other forum issues and did no help.
Here are some tech data, so it might help to pinpoint the issue.

Hosting Directory: /home/farm-os/htdocs/sites-name/web
There was no private/files folder in sites/default, so I created it manually
I checked the configuration files and added the following settings.

 * Private file path:
 * A local file system path where private files will be stored. This directory
 * must be absolute, outside of the Drupal installation directory and not
 * accessible over the web.
 * Note: Caches need to be cleared when this value is changed to make the
 * private:// stream wrapper available to the system.
 * See for more information
 * about securing private files.
 $settings['file_private_path'] = 'sites/default/private/files';


I found the same issue and performed Nginx and server reboot, and no luck.
Requesting assistance.

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Hi @drlostphoenix welcome to the farmOS community! :slight_smile:

$settings['file_private_path'] = 'sites/default/private/files';

I think this needs to be an absolute path. I don’t know if it works when it’s relative.

That directory also needs to be writable by Apache/Nginx.

I tried the absolute path as well, but that didn’t help and saw other members using such a path and mentioned that that worked for them, and that’s why I used it.

Directory got full access by Nginx and have 755 permission


I think you need to clear the cache after updating settings.php

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I tried from a different browser and pc and had the same issue.
Do you mean site-based clear cache? How can I do that?

and here is the File System Configuration


Yes site cache, ‘drush cr’ from command line, there is a UI option somewhere as well.

Maybe /admin/config/development/performance

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Omg, that actually fixed the issue!
Thanks a lot.



We need to add this to the docs…


Yes, was just thinking the same. Was it mentioned by someone in a meeting recently too?

I suppose by right the settings.php file should be configured before installing the site?

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Indeed it was.

It can be (that’s what I do personally), but I think it’s a bit simpler (from a new user documentation perspective) to let Drupal create the settings.php file during installation and then add this line + cache clear after. Otherwise the instructions involve a lot more manual editing of settings.php, which Drupal’s install.php handles with a nice UI. :slight_smile:


Think I joined mid conversation but got the jist.

Ah yeah, that would make sense alright.

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Was going to volunteer this, but I see @lordeddi has it in hand.

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