The notion of documentation and diagrams (or pages?)

Hello friends
I am wondering about the most compatible way to make available diagrams and documents to other users and myself. For example, my irrigation system and its many valves diagram.

If I store this as a log with an attached image, it won’t be findable. How do you handle this sort of thing?

Perhaps the shortcuts module can link to a specific log entry? That would be Hella sweet ,but I’m not sure if that’s a good method either?

Just shoving my tongue into this ant nest here… See what comes up.



Yeah, good question @marlonv
One of my dilemmas with farmOS. “How did I register that? How can I find it?”

Shortcut module helps alot.

I have an example with my seed drill’s weight samples and settings. This is info that’s changing every year, and also useful to find previous years notes if using older seeds.
I did an observation log for the seed drill. (But I collect all kinds of seed related stuff to that log. One pr year.)

Actually I was thinking of some kind of sticky logs…
A bit like the shortcut module, but for individual logs (and assets).
Would be supereasy to find them.

This could be done buy a setting a “sticky” flag, and just filter for sticky logs

Also a duration for the “sticky” status would be awesome. So my seeding drill note would be sticky only for a few months.

Edit: I just spotted I can add single logs to the shortcut module :+1:


I would probably represent this as an Equipment asset. Then you can store files/diagrams/pictures on it, and you can also record logs against it for things like maintenance/repairs.


Thanks for that reply, @pat
I didn’t know that. And yes, you are exactly on the same train of thought. I just don’t want to search for a specific log for the “reference” info. So a sticky or shortcut would do it. Your seed drill example is a prime one.


That is not a shabby idea. It would win wet t-shirt sort of prizes if I can shortcut to that page from a shortcut. Let me give it a try.
I just don’t remember logs for an asset showing on the asset page, you still need to drill a bit to find any referential information on it.
But i got two good directions from you and Pat. Appreciate!


You can save files directly to the asset though rather in a log, it would be suitable for the documents.


Should the Sticky log list get too long this could be a workaround:

If combining a category “Sticky” with the Monitoring flag, you can have a shortcut showing all Sticky-logs currently “monitored”

By viewing all Sticky logs (flagged or not), it’s easy to alternate the content of the “Sticky logs” shortcut if needed by setting the flag.

Could even be automated…

QR-Codes at strategic places could also be used to show logs, assets etc…

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That sounds very handy, even better combined with some custom flags.

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Also you could make the QR code link to a given log/asset search view. e.g. Incomplete maintenance logs - maybe with a given asset, category, owner, or flag.

If you do that, you probably want to customize/minify the URL before generating the QR code.

Instead of;






The later will scan much better.


Great tip. I just sort of did that. Made a QR to list all my drill sample tests.

QR codes function as reminders too. (At least for me)


Thank you for all the replies
This is a super valuable thread to me, and solved the problem completely. I love the QR codes, because I can also share them on the “farm” telegram group we use.
What a community.