User Acceptance

Is it possible to create a user acceptance test in farmos? if so how?

Hi @Uzel - can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do?

A “user acceptance test” is defined as:

Formal testing with respect to user needs, requirements, and business processes conducted to determine whether a system satisfies the acceptance criteria[3] and to enable the user, customers or other authorized entity to determine whether to accept the system.

(From Acceptance testing - Wikipedia)

That can mean a very wide spectrum of things, depending on the context. In my experience it is generally a checklist that someone manually goes through to determine if the product meets all their requirements.

Or perhaps you are asking about “automated tests”, and whether or not you can write those for testing code in farmOS? If so, then yes Drupal provides a framework for that, which we use extensively in farmOS core.

For general information, see

For specific examples in farmOS code, search the GitHub repo for classes that extend KernelTestBase (for kernel tests) or FarmBrowserTestBase (for functional tests).

Hope that helps.

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