Add link in popup

Can we add the action links on the 2nd picture to the popup that opens like in the 1st picture? (Add seeding, add activity …)

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Can you rephrase this question as a series of steps you would like to be able to do? That will help me to understand what you mean…

For example:

  1. Go to Assets > Plantings
  2. Select the Planting you want
  3. Click on “Add seeding”

How would you like it to work?

The name of the sapling appears in the first picture. Can I put a link where I write F11006357.add activity? Clicking it will go to the activity log by directly selecting the relevant field.

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Ah ok - so is this what you want?

  1. Go to Assets > Plantings
  2. Click on a point in the map that represents an individual planting asset - the popup appears with the asset’s name.
  3. In the same popup, also show all the “action links” available for that asset (add activity, add harvest, add transplanting, etc)
  4. When one of the action links is clicked, go to the “Add log” form with the selected asset pre-filled in the asset reference field.

That would be useful! I opened a feature request:

This is something we can consider for farmOS 2.x.

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the link does not appear. I can see asset’s name but i can’t see links.

@compact2 This feature does not exist. I created a feature request for it though. But to be clear: that isn’t a guarantee that it will be built. It is just added to the pool of feature requests. :slight_smile: