Adding change location to the bulk actions list

When updating logs, it would be nice to have the ability to do a bulk location change for a group of logs, instead of needing to open each one up and change the location individually.

This could be useful if someone already has created an asset and logs but later decides to set different boundaries for their property and fields, or if a field needs to be broken down in to smaller sections. For example if a field is set up as one large field, then later the owner/farmer realizes it would make more sense for the field to be broken down in to 2 or 4 smaller fields. Then they could go back to that asset, select all of the logs and re-locate them to a new or different field all at once.


I like this idea!

Reminds me of an old “Views Bulk Operations” option I used to use in Drupal sites ages ago that was like this but more generalized… basically let you update various fields on entities in bulk. We’ve talked about how the list of bulk actions might start getting too long… so maybe it would be worth considering consolidating some of them. Not sure what to call that though, and keep it intuitive.

In the meantime I’m open to adding this one!

PS welcome to the forum @AmberS!! :smile:

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