Bulk Editng within FarmOS

I’m finding myself having to enter heirarchical information for a slew of assets and it’s rather tedious going through each one and adding parents or modifying parameters en masse especially when dealing with deep granularity. could an option be provided that allows one to do this? with a drag and drop option perhaps? for instance - i have beds that have to made progeny of fields and members of groups - unless i’m missing something i have to do this on an individual bed-by-bed basis - fine, when you have a few; carpal tunnel mayhem otherwise. Makes changing one’s mind a terrifying proposition…


Alternatively, the ability to specify multiple children for an asset much in the same way we are currently able to select mutiple parents within the asset edit pane.

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If you are rearranging the hierarchy of location assets, this can be done via drag-and-drop on the /locations page.

If you need to do this for non-location assets (eg: animals), there isn’t a drag-and-drop option available currently. A Python script that makes changes via API requests might be the best approach.