AgGateway Data Integration

Is there any interested in creating an API to allow importing data / live datastream into FarmOS? Is anyone using the AgGateway data format?

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I am looking to send data from this sensor from ROS ( to FarmOS


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Hi Matt @ROS-Agriculture! I haven’t worked with AgGateway, but I’d love to think through what an integration might look like.

Regarding sending data from a CJMCU8128 sensor, you could use the “Sensor Listener” module that comes with farmOS.

You basically just create a new sensor asset in farmOS for the device (optionally with location). Sensor listeners have a unique URL endpoint that you can post data to as JSON.

For example:

JSON: { "timestamp": 1541519720, "temperature": 76.5, "humidity": 60 }

You can put as many pieces of data as you want into that format. timestamp is not required, it will be auto-filled if you don’t provide it based on when farmOS receives it. All of those API details are documented here:

Thanks for the link and information.

One thought was to go from ROS -> AgGateway -> FarmOS That way the data would be in a common format.

Maybe the first step would be just from ROS -> FarmOS


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That makes sense - I could see either/both approaches being useful in different situations. I’m not familiar with AgGateway, but I could help you get ROS -> farmOS working. It’s pretty straightforward if you have the ability to send the sensor values as HTTP requests.

There are a couple of tools in ROS -

I haven’t tried streaming data but I think it could helpful to be able to send data logs to FarmOS from an automated system (greenhouse, IOT device).

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Yea that would be great!

I’d like to explore triggering more things based on sensor values in farmOS as well… we already have basic email/text alerts, and we’ve given some thought to setting values that trigger relays (so actions can be initiated remotely).

Ultimately I think farmOS can play a role in that kind of setup, but there always should be independence in the remote device itself, so that we don’t introduce a dependency on network connectivity for something critical to happen.