Recommending Sensor Setups

I have a personal project I have been SLOWLY working on when available to capture weather data with different sensors, but does anyone have any recommendations on a setup that they have hooked up to FarmOS? I would prefer to capture the following. The do not all have to be in a single module.

  • Rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Humidity
  • Barometric pressure

Hi @applecreekacres - if you are able to get the raw values from your sensors on a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or similar you can push that to farmOS via HTTP requests. The “Sensor: Listener” module is what you would use for that. You basically create “Sensor” assets in farmOS, and each has a special URL that will “listen” for data being pushed to it (via a simple POST request), which it will then store in the database and show in a graph.

Here is the documentation for that:

Thanks @mstenta and I should have been clearer. I know what the FarmOS side can do, I was looking more on the hardware side. Is there a working raspberry pi setup with some specific sensors that is already working that could be recommended.