Bed Generator in v2?


Would the v1 Bed Generator be ported to v2?

I was just trying to recreate a bed from v1 days.

If not, are folks creating several small Areas?


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My Land Drawing Tool contrib module includes a bed generator:

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The bed generator hasn’t been ported to v2 yet… it may still but there hasn’t been a ton of demand (or sponsorship) to get it done. I personally think it was a very useful tool and would love to see it available in v2!

In the meantime, @Symbioquine has done some great work making it easier to draw individual beds of the same size easier.

Check out the “snapping grid” feature documentation here: Mapping locations | farmOS

It still requires adding each bed land asset one at a time, so it’s more tedious than the v1 bed generator, but it works. You can also play around with clever workarounds if you want by manually manipulating the WKT geometry in one map and copying it over to other assets.

@Symbioquine also wrote a module to make that step easier: GitHub - symbioquine/farmOS_land_drawing_tool: A land drawing tool module for farmOS - adds a tool for more quickly creating land assets.

Although that isn’t available on Farmier (yet??) so it would only help if you are self-hosting farmOS.

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Ah @Symbioquine beat me to it… yet again. :joy:

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Haha, your answer is more thorough :slight_smile:

Seems like that could happen as soon as there’s enough demand (and you have bandwidth to review it :wink:)

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