Bed Generator Non-existant

Hey there,
I have used the bed generator a long time ago and went to add new blocks to our field but no longer have a bed generator tab on my areas page. Help?

Thank you!

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Hi Amber @LEAF ! I can help with this. I’ll send you a PM…

I’m also interested on this feature it doesn’t seem to present at the moment ?

Welcome to the forum @amacgregor!

If you are using farmOS v2 (I assume you are - it is the recommended version now), then the Bed Generator is not available any longer. It hasn’t been ported from v1 to v2 yet.

However, if you are self-hosting then you could give @Symbioquine’s Land drawing tool a try: GitHub - symbioquine/farmOS_land_drawing_tool: A land drawing tool module for farmOS - adds a tool for more quickly creating land assets.

farmOS also includes the snapping tool to make it easier to draw parallel shapes: Mapping locations | farmOS

Hope that helps!