California Cherry Project

Hello! I brought up a project on the last community call and wanted to share it with the group.

I am working with the California Cherry Board to develop a knowledge management platform to collect and report data and manage regulatory processes.

In interviews with industry members, it quickly became apparent that we could digitize many of these process and I believe the farmOS data model fits the bill. So I am looking for developers to help.

The project is funded, so I am ready to go as soon as is feasible. I’m somewhat new to these kinds of projects, so I welcome the perspective of more experienced project managers, but I think what I would like to do is host a dedicated session to map out the process, user journeys, etc. and get to an MVP.

It also seems like it could be a candidate for the emerging work on farmOS “conventions,” so I would be glad to help contribute to that work.

Here is a description of the process, along with notes about who will use the system, what they need to do, and what a “product” might look like: Systems Approach Procedures - Google Docs

If you have a chance to read it and have questions, please feel free to contact me directly or reply to this thread. Thank you all!


This sounds like an exciting project @kylebirchard! Thanks for posting it and welcome to the forum! :smile:

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Wow, finally got around to reading the “Systems Approach Procedures” and this sounds like a such a cool project!

Really bummed I missed most of your presentation at the last call, but glad we were able to connect briefly. Been meaning to reach out to you, actually, in the last couple weeks, on unrelated topics, though they might be turn out to be quite relevant. You can probably expect an email some time this week. :wink:

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