Cattle tracking

Hello, is it possible to implement Cattle tracking in FarmOS ? Thanks.

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Hi @sonwander - Yes, you can enter individual animal records and track feedings, medical records, etc. You can also organize them into groups (herds) and record/plan movements from area to area for grazing purposes.

More info here:

Hi Sonwander, when you first start create the breed and type, ie beef, sub is Angus heifer/bull/steers. Then use asset to enter each animal and do each section on the left carefully and slowly, once that is done. Then you use the log to record your medical treatments you do on the cattle. To record weights, go to Asset, Animal, tick the box next to the cow number, then go to the bottom of the page and you will find the button says weight . I hope this helps you. I do the same for my sheep.


Hi Sonwander, when you cows have calved, use the quick form and you can do this for all the other farm animals you have.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I think i did not make myself clear: what i want to know is if i can implement a GPS tracking device on the cattle. Do you have an Arduino or raspberry py project in hand?
Thanks again!

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Hi @sonwander - I haven’t looked into it personally, so I don’t know what options are out there. But I do recall talking with Bruce Dawson in New Hampshire who was working on some interesting ideas!

Hi @mstenta,
While I was adding some animals to my herd, I notice that some photos are sideways.
After some search, I found a forum post talking about a module that adjust the image according to their metadata.

So, as I still can’t send you a direct message, I want to ask if there is a practical solution, or if could you add this module to solve this problem?

Best Regards,
Augusto Heil

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Hi @AugustoHeil - yea this is a problem I’ve run into as well.

I believe the module you’re referring to is EXIF Orientation

This module reads EXIF data to rotate images that have an Orientation key set. This module solves the issue where iOS devices take images in one position but set an EXIF Orientation value, leaving applications viewing the image responsible for rotating the image.

This module is already included with farmOS (both 1.x and 2.x). However, in my experience it doesn’t always solve the issue.

We have an open feature request to add a manual “Rotate” button in the farmOS UI itself, which seems to be the next best option: