Duplicate log uploaded

I have have frequently had the log entries I make in the Field kit show up as multiple copies of the identical entry in the database. Happen again yesterday. I was in the field and made a log entry on my phone. It now shows 4 copies of the same entry in my database under different log IDs. Why is this happening?

If I don’t clear prior logs out of my phone field kit and synch to the database, will the prior (already synch’d) logs get re-synch’d again creating another copy in the database?

Hmm, this definitely shouldn’t be happening and sounds like a bug.

Can you confirm for me if you’re using the latest version of Field Kit, v. 1.0.1 from https://v1.farmos.app/? You can find the version in the main menu (left side drawer).

I thought I remembered a similar issue and found this one, but it was resolved way back on v. 0.4.14:

Unless you’re still on an old version, this shouldn’t be related, but posting for my own future reference.

Yes V1.0.1

Ok, I’ll have to take a closer look tomorrow. I did a super quick test just now and couldn’t reproduce it. In the meantime, if you can try to reproduce the error yourself and record the precise steps you take, that could be helpful. Things like the type of log, what fields you’ve edited (notes, categories, assets, etc), that could all prove helpful in identifying the cause. Also any server details, like farmOS version, whether your self-hosting or using Farmier, any non-standard modules you have installed or modified, etc.

I have FarmOS hosted on Farmier. I’m not a software developer, just using FarmOS without mods as released. This behavior has been going on for some time. I figured it was either “normal” and just related to the sort/view I was using or such. In some cases I’ve gone in and deleted the redundant logs. Other cases not. I was not sure what to do with them, whether I was messing up my records or actually cleaning up a bug driven issue.

I went back through log entries. I found 5 logs that have duplicates. Some are Observations and some are Activities. I’ve had more, these are just ones I didn’t go in and delete. The most flagrant is one called “combine clean out”. I entered it Field Kit. It was back dated to Jul 25, 2019, but entered recently. I have 15 duplicates (Logs 342, 344, 348, 364, 377, 378, 380, 381, 389, 395, 399, 400, 401, 406, 407). I just checked my Phone and found that it does not show it as synched to database (up arrow in cloud symbol) . So appears this log entry has uploaded, but for some reason the Field Kit app doesn’t recognize it.

See the entry on bottom of screen shot.

The earliest logs I could find duplicated were dated April 16th, 2021 (Log set 167, 175, 182). And another group dated April 16, 2021 (Logs 169, 178, 185). There is one dated April 18 2021 (Log set 168, 179, 187). Another dated May 8th 2021 (logs 199, 200, 201). More recently Dated October 10, 2021 (Logs 397,402,409,414, 415)

There are times where I try to initiate an upload and the Field Kit button doesn’t seem to respond. I end up poking it several times to get synch going. Sometimes in top level menu and/or log level and with the “3 dot” menu synch all files.

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The log entries with the “!” symbol were modified on Field Kit following being uploaded. Hence the warning message.

This gives me a lot to go by as I dig into the issue, thanks @graffte! Hopefully I can reproduce the error with that.

There’s a chance this could be resolved simply by uninstalling the web app and reinstalling it. It’s important to note, that any data you that hasn’t been synced will be lost when you uninstall, so you should make sure to sync first. If you need help uninstalling, just let me know what kind of phone you’re using and I can walk you through the process for that model and operating system (as best I know how, at least; I’m more familiar w/ Android than iOS). Of course, you don’t have to reinstall, because I can’t guarantee it will fix anything, and it probably won’t yield any useful insights to help me diagnose the problem, but if you just want to move ahead w/o the bug interfering with your workflow any longer, it’s probably the best chance to resolve it quickly. And worst case you’re just back at square 1.

In any event, thanks again for all your feedback and patience. I’ll make sure to report back here with whatever I find out, hopefully a fix :crossed_fingers:, by the end of today at the latest.

At this point everything has synched from the Field Kit (at least once). I don’t need to do any immediate work with the phone app in next few days. I’ll leave it as is in case you need any other info from it. Same for the duplicate logs. I will leave them as is in case there is further use. I run the Field Kit on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ android phone.

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Quick update, or non-update. I didn’t get a lot of time to test tonight, and still can’t reproduce the bug. I’ll have to dig through the syncing logic more carefully. Might be worth reinstalling before you need to use it next. I have a feeling this might be tricky to pin down, but I’ll keep looking into it.

No worries. LEt me know if there is any further info I can provide.

Since the above post, I used Field Kit to make a 4 more log entries. The duplicate entries of “combine clean out” have increased each time and the Field Kit entry still does not show it being synched to the server. It is now repeated in entries 334, 335, 341, 344, 348, 364, 377, 378, 380, 381, 389, 395, 399, 400, 401, 406, 407,421, and 424. I’m not sure if I missed some the first time I reviewed this entry given that log IDs before 342 now are showing up. Logs 421 and 424 are new. Seems like a “Combine clean out” gets added every time I synch another new log in field kit. The other groups of duplicate entries did not increase. These other groups are not present in my phone’s field kit listing and apparently have stopped uploading duplicates.

The 4 log entries were synch’d / uploaded in 2 instances.
Unless there is some diagnostic benefit to maintain my phone’s log entries, I think I need to clear out the Field Kit data on my phone to avoid more copies of the Combine Clean Out from appearing.

Yea I would suggest completely uninstalling/reinstalling at this point. I still haven’t been able to reproduce the bug and that might very well resolve it.

Oh, it probably wouldn’t hurt to logout, too, before uninstalling, just to make sure any remaining user data is deleted first.