eCommerce integration

There has been a lot of talk over the years about how farmOS could feed data into an eCommerce system - or even provide one of its own (using Drupal Commerce: Let’s use this thread to discuss big ideas!

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See recent feature request on GitHub (closed and linked back to here):

I’d be curious to know what kinds of eCommerce solutions farmers are currently using, and whether those systems have API’s that farmOS could connect to.

Just checking a few of the big names…

It would be interesting to write a farmOS module that could push inventory data to sources like that, or perhaps write extensions on those platforms that can pull data from farmOS.

I feel like these types of integrations would be most beneficial, however, once we made the move to OAuth. Love this idea, though, more thoughts to follow…


Does the inventory module work on plants? if so then we could use to feed data into eCommerce work flow module. what do you think guys to try this out

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@Kafuidarkey it does not currently. Enabling that is as easy as adding a single line of code. However, there is a prerequisite:

So how do you keep record of harvested plant from lot of seedling ? That will let you know the data to request if you want to connect with a different purchase and order commence or erp

You can create a “Planting” asset, which tracks the plant (or set of plants) from seeding to harvest. Harvest logs can also specify a lot number, if you are packing them into labelled boxes.

In the future, the vision is for a “Harvest” log to automatically create a new asset (eg: “Product”) that links back to the planting as it’s parent. These product assets could then be managed independently, with their own inventory levels, and tracked to sale.


Some related discussion around “Product” asset types here:

One eCommerce platform I know of is the Open Food Network:

It’s more popular in Australia where the project started, but it has expanded to other countries around the globe! I’m not sure if they have a well established API yet, but if so that would be a cool integration!


Thank very much i will look at it

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