farmOS 2.0.0-beta7 has been released

farmOS 2.0.0-beta7 has been released.

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Great… When will we see this update on Farmier?
PS: I really miss to see the version number inside FarmOS.

When will we see this update on Farmier?

As soon as I’m back from GOAT! :smile:

I packaged up beta7 the week before leaving, and didn’t want to risk deploying an update until I’m back, in case any issues arise. But rest assured Farmier will get the update ASAP! :+1:

PS: I really miss to see the version number inside FarmOS.

Yea, we could consider adding that back. FYI you can see the current version in JSON form in the /api endpoint under!

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Arrived on Farmier today. Way better with minimized filters. :ok_hand:

Small thing I noticed:
When changing the column sorting, the filters expands.
Not a big issue, but not what I expected.

Also : Was I supposed to have sensor notifications after the update?
Could not find a module to install, and nothing under settings.

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The filter expands whenever there are query parameters applied to the URL. See this comment:

However, you’re right that the “click sort” column headers ALSO apply a query parameter… and I agree expanding the filters when that is applied doesn’t make sense.

Perhaps we should create a follow-up bug report. I’m not sure if there is an easy fix for this, however. :-/

cc @paul121

So actually, the data stream notifications module is not new in beta7 - it has been around since the very first 2.x release (beta7 just did some work to generalize it for other notifications).

However, you raise a good point! It is not currently possible to enable the data stream notifications module via the /farm/settings/modules form! It can only be enabled by a super admin (which is not available to Farmier instances).

@pat I will enable that module in your instance, and open a follow-up issue to make it possible to enable the notifications module via /farm/settings/modules - this is a farmOS core issue, not specific to Farmier.

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Thanks. Thats awesome.

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@pat I enabled data_stream_notification on your instance. You can configure notifications by going to Settings > Notifications > Data Streams (thanks to @Farmer-Ed’s work in Data stream notifications module cannot be enabled on /farm/settings/modules · Issue #587 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub). :slight_smile:

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Thank you both :ok_hand: