farmOS Demo Data

As I start work on the upcoming Field Kit 2.0.0-beta release, I realized it could be a good time to return to the idea of Example Data for FarmOS, but probably best to start with a fresh topic. Hopefully we have a chance to discuss this further in the farmOS Monthly Call, 08 December 2021, but here’s a rough outline of what’s been done and how I’d like to proceed.

@kirsten_mc made a great start on this with the creation of the farm_demo repository:

The demo data there is part of the larger project to create full demonstrations on how to use farmOS, complete with a markdown script, audio and captions for presenting it. I don’t really intend to dig into that aspect any further, although I think it would be great to connect this with the farmOS blog/tutorials initiative which is getting some traction more recently. It would also be great to use some portion of this data for the Redesign, as I mentioned in the original topic, but again, that would be outside the scope of this project’s immediate goals.

So what I will probably do is use add to those KML files by adding the default content module and then export them.

I’m not experienced with the default content module, so this will be a bit of an experiment and I welcome any input in the comments.


For future reference, here’s a commit where I’m using the default content module to define some farmOS data: Add some test data to the provided development farmOS instance config… · symbioquine/farmOS_asset_link@e7faeb4 · GitHub


Awesome! Yes, I will definitely have to check this out as I continue testing Field Kit. Thanks, @Symbioquine!

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