farmOS Data Model Docs

I just opened a pull request for the first draft of the official farmOS 2.x Data Model Documentation: farmOS 2.x Data Model Docs by mstenta · Pull Request #415 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub

We will leave this PR open for a period of time to get comments before merging it in.

As noted in the PR:

This is just documentation - it is not a proposal for new features or ideas, just a description of the existing farmOS data model, nearly identical to that of farmOS 1.x, which up until now has only been documented in code and informally in the API docs, user guide, issue queues, forum topics etc. This documentation serves to formalize it and make it available in a way that is easy to share. It is intentionally non-technical, and does not include specific machine names or API implementation details (the API docs will cover that) …

My hope is we can set aside some time on the next monthly call to discuss a timeline for merging!