Funding Proposal: Renew 1 year sponsorship of Gin admin theme

Funding Proposal

Title: Renew 1 year sponsorship of Gin admin theme.
Submitted by: Paul Weidner
OpenCollective account:
Github Sponsors: Sponsor @saschaeggi on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub
Cost: $25/month


Almost 1 year ago we agreed to sponsor the maintainer of the Gin admin theme for $25/month for 1 year ($300 total). This funding would culminate at the end of July: Funding Proposal: Sponsor the maintainer of the Gin admin theme

In the past year there have been 6 new releases of Gin. The first beta release came in March with monthly releases since then. Each of these releases have shipped with new features and prompt bug fixes. Meanwhile there has been a growing community both adopting the Gin theme and building an ecosystem of Gin modules to further expand the theme (toolbar, login, layout builder, gutenberg). Gin is also already compatible with Drupal 10.

But the work isn’t done! There are still various features on the roadmap that will continue to improve the content editing UX within farmOS. Renewing this sponsorship helps these features come to life and support the continued maintenance of the Gin theme.

I propose we sponsor development for one more year at the same rate of $25/month, another $300 total. It would be great to increase this contribution but our farmOS monthly contributions have not grown significantly since 1 year ago (roughly $150/month → $200/month).


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I’m in favor! If you add a poll to this I’ll vote yes. :wink:

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Oops! Poll added!

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