Funding Proposal: Sponsor Gin admin theme through July 2024

Funding Proposal

Title: Renew 1 year sponsorship of Gin admin theme.
Submitted by: Paul Weidner
OpenCollective account:
Github Sponsors: Sponsor @saschaeggi on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub
Cost: $25/month


This proposal would renew our previous proposals of sponsoring the maintainer of the Gin admin theme for $25/month for 1 year ($300 total). farmOS has contributed $675 to-date. We are actually 2.5 months past the expiration of the previous proposal (through July 2023…) so… let’s keep it going again through July 2024!

I think it is good to evaluate this on a yearly basis and keep in touch with the changes and progress Gin is making over time. In the past year there have been 7 new releases of Gin, all release candidates. Gin is already compatible with Drupal 10 and nearing a stable release. These releases have included many bug and accessibility fixes along with some new features we have already or could soon utilize in farmOS: layout density, improved editing forms, and most recently a demo of a new and improved sidebar menu.

Gin continues to innovate the administration UI for Drupal and incubates many of these ideas for future inclusion in Drupal core. Renewing this sponsorship helps these features come to life and support the continued maintenance of the Gin theme.

I propose we sponsor development for one more year at the same rate of $25/month, another $300 total. It would be great to increase this contribution but our farmOS monthly contributions have been consistent since 1 year ago (roughly $200/month).


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