Funding Proposal: Sponsor the maintainer of the Gin admin theme

Funding Proposal

Title: Sponsor the maintainer of the Gin admin theme.
Submitted by: Paul Weidner
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Github Sponsors: Sponsor @saschaeggi on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub
Cost: $25/month


For farmOS 2.x we’re planning to use the Drupal Gin theme. Description from the Gin project page:

A radically new UI layout paired with goodies like a Darkmode will give your Drupal’s Admin interface a facelift. The Gin theme also includes things which are currently out of scope for Claro and/or some customisations we’re experimenting with for the future. Built on the foundation of Claro from one of the lead designers of Claro & Drupal Design System.

Gin and Claro are both maintained by Sascha Eggenberger , but his contributions towards Gin happen on his own time. Sascha has already contributed some time to answering our questions and reviewing patches that directly support farmOS. There are currently ~6k sites that report using the Gin theme.

I propose that we contribute $25/month for 1 year ($300 total) from our community funds to sponsor Sascha and the continued development of the Gin admin theme. A future proposal could renew the sponsorship after 1 year.

This is not an insignificant amount - the current farmOS OC Budget says we get $154 recurring monthly. But because the farmOS UI heavily depends on the admin theme, I feel that this amount is justified.

I assume that this sponsorship could list farmOS as a supporting organization on the Gin project page.

In the event that farmOS stops using the Gin theme, or the Gin theme stops being maintained, monthly contributions can be stopped.


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I like this idea a lot! We are certainly getting a ton of benefit from the efforts that have gone into Claro and Gin, and I would love to support Sascha’s efforts.

This is a great idea! Would love to do more of this (thinking of the Vue devs). Thanks for bringing attention to this, @paul121.



Shall we leave this poll open until 1 or 2 months after a 2.x beta release? I don’t think we can expect folks to vote on this without seeing the Gin module in use with farmOS 2.x :smiley:


I;d be happy to contribute to things you need to improve :slight_smile:


Sounds good. I’d love to know what @mstenta thinks of moving forward with this.


We revisited this on the monthly call today and discussed approving this proposal.

My thought is that at this point we are pretty committed to using Gin. And I anticipate we will have some minor bug fixes and feature requests for Gin before our beta and stable releases. So the sooner we can be sponsoring Sascha, the better!

Let’s leave this open for any “objections” until July 21st - assuming there are none, let’s approve this at $25/month to start.


I am all for this!

Let’s leave this open for any “objections” until July 21st - assuming there are none, let’s approve this at $25/month to start.

Sounds good to me!