Geotagging Trees

Hi, does anyone know how to geotag individual trees in an agroforest setting on FarmOS? Can I do it through Google and then upload it onto FarmOS?


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Welcome to the forum @junswee!

This question has come up before - you might try searching the forum, as well as the GitHub issues here:

These forum posts came up in a quick search and might be helpful:

I would also recommend reading the user guides for asset location to understand how that works:

It is possible to import geodata into maps in farmOS from KML files, although how you do that will depend on how you are managing your trees in farmOS. Depending on how many trees you have you may want to have one Planting asset that represents a whole grove, or if you need to track records against individual trees you can create a separate Planting asset for each tree, with a separate location point for each.

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