Harvest logs have a lot of data points that a user can introduce error with

The field kit harvest logs only allow a user to input a weight of the harvest however when using equipment to carry, store, move a crop the records are really the full weight of the equipment and the empty weight of the equipment and then let the computer do the math to calculate the load weight,

Something like a traditional paper log where the owner operator fills out the field, landlord, crop, storage location(Station) and the farm hand only has to enter the full weight of the load and the empty weight. The Owner/manager changes what crop log presets are available to farm hands.in FieldKit


With Field Kit, and farmOS generally, it’s possible to add multiple quantities to a harvest. Each quantity has 4 attributes: measure, value, units and label. The last one, label, can be used to identify the different weights you want to record. Automatic calculation is not built into that, but it could be a step performed by the farm manager after the fact.

The paper log is definitely a good model! I think something like this too could be achieved; in fact, it’s one of the primary use cases we first developed Field Kit to accommodate. The workflow looks like this:

  1. Farm manager creates a new harvest log in farmOS (desktop).
  2. Post-dates the log for whatever future date the harvest should be done (doesn’t have to be exact).
  3. Marks the log as not done (this ensures it gets sent to Field Kit, along with the next step).
  4. Assigns the user(s) to the log (that way, it will be sent to those users’ version of Field Kit).
  5. Fills in the “known variables” (eg, field, landlord, storage location, etc) and just leaves other data for farm hand to fill in.
  6. The farm hand gets the log sent to their phone, flagged as not done.
  7. They add 2 new quantities for full weight and empty weight.
  8. They mark the log as done and then sync it back to farmOS.
  9. The farm manager retrieves that log via farmOS, calculates the load weight as a third quantity and saves it.

The above workflow could also be started off by cloning an existing harvest log, as sort of a template, and just overwriting the date and other data you want to change. That would save a little data entry for the farm manager.

Would that achieve something like what you’re looking for?

Yes, something like that would work, it keeps the farm hands entering the data they know and not having to enter a bunch of data they don’t know or care about.

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