Mouse movements in geofield map

Mouse not working on geofield map in farmos?
In normal farmos map, mouse movements can be done very easily.

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The farmOS map requires that you click on it to “focus”, and then scrolling and dragging will work. Does that explain what you’re experiencing?

This “click” requirement was added to address the issue we would experience when you were scrolling down a page, and your mouse ended up hovering over the map, which would then take over the scroll behavior and start zooming, hijacking your intention of scrolling the page itself. So now we require a click to focus on the map before scrolling within it.

it is happening on farmos map but the mouse does not work on geofield map

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The screenshot you posted above is not the farmOS map. Where are you seeing that?


I choose geofield map.

If you are modifying admin/structure/views/view/farm_areas then I’m going to need a lot more information and context to help. :slight_smile:

That View is a default configuration that comes with farmOS, specifically for generating a hierarchical list of areas on the /farm/areas page. It is not intended to be modified by a typical farmOS user. If you are trying to customize for a specific purpose, can you describe in detail what you are trying to do?

I will try to provide advice if I can, but this is outside the scope of normal “supported” farmOS capabilities. You are getting into deeper Drupal configuration now.

I still don’t understand how you were able to create a Google Map through that page, however. That seems to be what your map screenshot is.

For comparison, this is a map built with the Google Maps JavaScript library: Default Controls  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers

And this is a map built with the farmOS-map library (based on OpenLayers): farmOS Map