Status: Quick Form Entity Type

Hi everyone
As always, I screw up my update.
This time, my status report provides error:

Entity/field definitions

Mismatched entity and/or field definitions

The following changes were detected in the entity type and field definitions.

### Quick form

* The *Quick form* entity type needs to be installed.

I tried all the updates manually, I searched composer, drush… I can’t find the thing I need to do here. Any ideas?

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Huh. I see that too @marlonv - it appears to be a bug. Thanks for raising it!

As far as I can tell it isn’t causing any issues, so you may be able to just ignore it now, but we’ll investigate and figure out a proper fix so that error message goes away.

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Can confirm the issue is also present on my farmOS installation after update to v2.2. Created a pr with a fix: Fix: Add update hook to install the new quick_form entity type on existing farmOS installations. by wotnak · Pull Request #738 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub Basically the problem is that new entity types (for example added in this update configurable quick form instance entity) are automatically installed only on module install. So when a new entity type is added in an existing module that is already installed, a hook_update function should be added that will install that entity type during database updates.


Thanks so much for indentifying this and opening a PR @wotnak! This was the first time we introduced a new config entity type to an existing module, so TIL that this requires an update hook (content entities make sense because they need a database table, but I would have assumed this wasn’t necessary for a config entity. Now I know!) :slight_smile:

Wow amazing quick pr, guys.
Haha, glad to know I didn’t install some arb module again. Happy happy. Thank you.

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If this was the extent of your update woes, then you did pretty good this time @marlonv! :smile:

FYI farmOS 2.2.2 has been released with a fix for this. Be sure to run automated updates (via update.php or drush updb as described here: Updating farmOS | farmOS).