Thank you everyone

Good afternoon all,
I’ve been a small part of this great community for about 3 years now, deploying FarmOS to our little college farm here in the UK, and developing some small modules that work on our farm, including an array of quick forms, and an SMS service that allows us to record egg numbers by texting a certain phone number.
I’ve just been offered a GIS specialist job in another city, so will be leaving the farm, and probably the upkeep of their FarmOS instance as well (unless someone there decides to keep it). So I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for making this community what it is, and a massive thank you to all the help from everyone in various aspects of developement and deployment of this fantastic resource.
I hope the FarmOS community goes from strength to strength, and I wish you all the very best on your own farms!


Congratulations on the new role @Skipper.
I for one will be sorry to see disappear form the farmOS community, I have been using farmOS for almost a year and have taken some inspiration from your work on more than one occasion. But good luck on your new path.


Wow congrats @Skipper! It’s been great having you and your contributions in the farmOS community! Don’t be a stranger! And good luck with your new role! :smiley:


So glad/sad to hear it, @Skipper, sounds like an amazing opportunity, really appreciate the knowledge, openness and kindness you’ve brought to this community. Happy travels and best of luck on your new endeavor!