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Please tell anyone ,how to retrieved values for array format in Drupal Farmos with example ?

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Hi @polaiah102 - Where are you trying to get the data from? Are you requesting data from outside of farmOS via the REST API? Or are you writing an internal module using Drupal/PHP?

If you are requesting data from outside of farmOS via the REST API, I would recommend starting with the following resources:

This blog post has some quick examples for accessing farmOS data via Python using the API:

Feel free to ask more specific questions as you begin to dig in and try things!

this kind of array values how will reterived in php drupal

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@polaiah102 can you describe in more detail what you are trying to do? Happy to help point you in the right direction.


How to hosting Farmos files in one sever and dB in another server …if it is possible ???please let me know with example?

Yes it’s possible to host farmOS and the database on separate servers. When you are installing farmOS one of the first steps is it will ask you for your database server URL, username, and password.

All of this functionality come from Drupal core, which farmOS is built upon. It isn’t specific to farmOS. So you can find more general Drupal installation resources on the internet if you aren’t able to figure it out.