Web Screen Display Issue Using Reverse Proxy vs. Local IP Address

I am running into a display issue when viewing the webpage from a reverse proxy vs. viewing from the local ip address.

It seems to be displaying some of the site content as text instead of behind drop downs or something.

I have tried to view on different browsers and devices and have the same issue.

Any suggestions on what the issue might be?

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Hi @mbailey - welcome to the farmOS community!

Looks like some of your CSS is broken. Not sure why…

One very simple thing you could try is clearing the Drupal cache. To do this, go to /admin/config/development/performance and click the button.

Drupal aggregates CSS and JS files (if that’s turned on - you’ll see those settings in the same page), and it could be that there is something wrong with those aggregated files.

Another thing to check is your browser’s dev tools. Look for any errors in the console. Also go to the Network tab, reload the page, and skim through the requests to see if any are failing. The aggregated CSS files will be in there - so it’s possible that they aren’t loading properly for some reason.

That could be related to your reverse proxy config, and might explain the issue… if for some reason these CSS files are being cached by the proxy, or they are not being routed properly.

Hope that helps! This is definitely a lower-level Drupal hosting issue, not specific to farmOS - so you could also consider asking for support in the Drupal Support channel on Slack: https://drupal.slack.com

I believe I’ve seen this behavior when farmOS can’t construct the right url to load the CSS and other assets because the reverse proxy is not correctly configured - either at the proxy or farmOS level.

Can you share a little about how you’re setting up your reverse proxy? Is it similar to the configuration described at Configuring a Local Https Reverse Proxy - farmOS.org

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Thank you @mstenta for the advice! I had to check the Aggregate and compress CSS files and Aggregate JavaScript files. After I enabled those two options and saved, the page loaded correctly on my reverse proxy site!

I really appreciate your time and assistance!


Thanks @Symbioquine for the suggestions, I did look through the user guides to try and see if the issue was on the reverse proxy configuration. I currently use Cloudflare and Nginx Proxy Manager to selfhost a few reverse proxy sites from my home server. Thankfully it was an easy fix in this case!