AgOpenGPS integration

@paul121 I’m exploring the AgOpenGPS, and I came across an old topic in the AgOpenGPS forum with you (I think it was) asking about the posibilities of an integration with farmOS.

Where does this stand today?


I came across that post previously too.

There is probably a good bit of work to be done to make a decent integration to both projects. It could be worth making a list of the features we need first.


Yep. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of recordkeeping.
And that’s what we (at least I) want to put into farmOS.

I propably end up with Node-Red in the cab somehow.

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Hey @pat , sorry, no updates from my end :slight_smile: I agree that record keeping seams like a good reason to integrate. Also maybe useful to use farmOS as a source for field boundaries. But yes @Farmer-Ed maybe if we make the list someone will build it

Maybe this is a silly question but @pat what exactly are you interested in with AgOpenGPS? And what pain points would farmOS help solve in that process? I’m curious to hear what ya find if you dig in further!


Yep. We need to track what’s been done somehow, so makes sense to do this in the GPS software.

Not at all… I’ve been using FieldBee GPS earlier, and was quite interested in their plans to open up their API. I’ve looked at AgOpenGPS before, but felt it was way to difficult for me. And I wasn’t too sure it was reliable enough. Now I know better and want to use it.

Never used GPS with RTK level before. So in that case I think mapping the boundaries are best made with the tractor instead of drawing in the map/importing.

I’m more into the record keeping part. Makes sense to create the tasks in AgOpenGPS, and store them in farmOS.
I’ve also been thinking about a “field template” created in NodeRed or something where I can bulk-create all tasks to be done in the field, and later on just mark them done.

Maybe storing the various gps settings in farmOS would be nice too.

But hey… maybe the FieldKit would be easy enough. And a side-effect with autosteer is all the free time to register work tasks… :rofl:

But some level of integration would propably pull some users to farmOS :slight_smile:

I’ll update after I’ve tried it some time.


For me, recording what is spread/sprayed where is more important than precision navigation and Autosteer, (But building full Autosteer in to a 16year old tractor could be interesting in itself.)
I have installed AgOpenGPS on an old Lenovo X201 Tablet PC and done some basic bench testing with a GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver (Definitely not suitable for any kind of precision).

On Node-Red I think it could be useful in the cab of the tractor, I’ve no ISOBus in my machines but could create my own Sensor/Actuator Network and log Data Straight to farmOS or at least Sync at the End of Day. The Node-Red Instance I have running on my Android device can access the GPS of the device its running on so perhaps it could do a lot of what I need stand alone anyway, but I’m definitely open to all ideas too.