Developing modules for a 'conventional' farm use case

Hey all - I’ve been evaluating if our family farm (Austic Farms) might be a good fit for FarmOS, mostly with my brother. We have a few thousand acres and grow corn, soy, wheat, and hay mostly, with some other things mixed in depending on the year (string beans, dry beans, canola, etc.). This is a pretty typical “modern farm” in it’s size, it’s processes, and what it grows.

They are currently using Granular and Conservis, and also use John Deere’s software for tracking tractor movements and such. Anyway, the key feature sets required are inventory management + sales (grain moves from field → bin → sold, how much, to who), and task management (who needs to do what tomorrow, check it off when it’s done). There are other nice features (John Deere integration, document management, etc.) but those two are the main ones.

I feel like the features here may be generalizable to other farms of a similar type and scale, and I’m wondering if there are folks in the community who would be game to co-develop (directly or through funding) this use case.

A benefit is they currently really like Granular’s interface, so in a sense the UI/UX work is done - just make things look like that, and they’d be happy. The process work is also done. So it’s mostly coding and making that UI (roughly of course) and process work in FarmOS.

There’s interest on our side, but it’ll take a sustained investment over time to get all the features in place to have feature parity for the minimum stuff that other systems have. So wondering if a coalition of interested folks is possible.

Any ideas / names / groups / people welcomed!


Far larger than the typical size of farm this side of the pond :astonished:

What’s the plan? Beat Drupal into the sort of UX design of the applications above or build a completely new frontend for Dashboard/Forms and simply use farmOS as the backend?

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Well… yeah kind of :slight_smile: I think there’s just a ton of work to be done on the UI side, and in my work I’ve found that stealing good UI is way way easier than making it up from scratch… even if it takes more time to code.

Now I may be naive on the ability to create similar (not exactly the same) structures in Drupal, so that’s an open question (how hard to you have to beat it, I guess), but the idea is right.