Geolocate button issues

I’ve succesfully installed the google maps module and all seemed well except the geolocate button doesn’t seem to work - i have tested it on Windows 10, ios14 and mac os with the same result - does nothing. Anyone else encountering this?

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The geolocate button uses your browser’s location API, which may need to be enabled manually. In Firefox I get a prompt to allow access to it when I click the button. Do you see anything like that? Since it is a privacy consideration browsers will often make you jump through some hoops to allow it. I would suggest searching for your OS+browser combo + “browser geolocation not working” or something like that and see if anyone else has suggestions for your specific setup. It would be a general issue, not specific to farmOS, since we just use the standard geolocation API. This question has come up before from others and it’s always related to the browser settings it seems. You could also test other non-farmOS sites that use geolocation to see if they work or not. Good luck!

thanks. That did it

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Glad you figured it out! Would you mind sharing what you did in case anyone else runs into this topic in the future?

in Chrome:
go to
settings/security&privacy/site settings/permissions/location
set default behavior to “sites can ask for your location”