Linking to other logs

When the ToDo-list is empty…

If a log’s content is somehow related to another log’s content it could be useful to add a link in the note field.
A nice way to do this could be a button to activate a search for log title, and just choose the right log.
A link for this log could then be inserted at the cursors position in the note field.

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Similar to Activity children/dependencies · Issue #264 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub


For what it’s worth: 1.x of the Log module had a nifty feature… maybe worth adding that to the 2.x version of the module:

An input filter is provided for use in text formats so that you can reference logs directly in content, like this: [log:15] - which is automatically converted to a link to the log (similar to referencing issue nodes in

A bit different (and less structured/explicit) than adding a “Related logs” field to logs, although both could be potentially useful in different contexts.


this would be useful. Many times I have an observation log that expands on a given activity (or other) log. It would be nice to cross link the related log entries for easy reference and jumping back and forth between them.