Quantity problem in app field kit

Hello everyone
I am an agricultural technician, northern Italy.
Starting from the end of April I have to monitor wire-worms with pheromone traps
I created a point for each trap, and created in the taxonomy of the distinct units for wire-worm species (each trap captures two species, which must be distinguished in the count).
All right from the browser.
But the idea is to also use the APP Farm Field kit.
It seems that in the APP it is not possible to load the quantity data entered.

Thank you

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Hi @bonushenricus - this sounds like you might be experiencing a bug with the farmOS Field Kit app. Could you open a new issue in the Field Kit issue queue on GitHub?

Please describe the steps that you are taking to reproduce the issue, as well as any other info you can provide to help us get to the bottom of it. Thanks!

I do:
Thank you

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Thank you @bonushenricus - I was able to replicate this issue as well. We will continue the debugging process in the GitHub issue you created.

FYI, we have a fix for this which I’ll be rolling out to stores and https://farmOS.app by late today or tomorrow. Look for version 0.4.16.

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