Remove map from Dashboard

I don’t see the need for the map in the Dashboard to be owning so much of the monitor’s real estate. I know where my farm is located. I only have one and it’s not going to move. Can I eliminate the map or at least resize it down to a smaller area/panel?


We actually had the ability to “collapse” the map in farmOS v1, but never got around to replicating that option in v2. I’d love to see that option again. It’s especially helpful on mobile in my opinion.

I would be remiss without making this point though: the map is not just a pretty picture. It is also a navigational tool for getting to records quickly. Click on a land asset and you can get to the list of assets/logs from there.

Not everyone needs that, though, I agree - and not 100% of the time - so making it collapsible would help.

We also have plans to make the dashboard itself more customizable, so you can pick and choose what’s included… that’s a bigger lift, though, so starting simple is probably a good first step.

Thanks for replying. Maybe I’m missing something. As you can see, over half of my screen is taken up by what’s shown in my screenshot, so yes, being able to reduce or remove would be very helpful. In the map, I have a Land asset (larger rect) with three building type assets. When I click on any one of the building assets, it pulls up the Land asset, not the building asset. Selecting ‘View assets in this location’ no assets show up. The buildings all have the Land asset as the parent, so I thought they would be listed within the Land asset.

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I agree.

This is probably a good candidate for a bug report. I’ll open one - might be an easy fix… Seems that we just need to adjust the layer order to put buildings on top.

To explain a bit more: all shapes on the map are rendered in layers. When you click on the map, it figures out which polygon you are clicking inside on the top-most layer. So when you have overlapping layers (like a building asset polygon that overlaps a land asset polygon), clicking on both only opens a popup for the top-most one. If you open the layer switcher (button in the top left of the map) and turn off land layers, are you able to click the building layer?

The “View assets in this location” shows assets that have been “moved” to that location. For example: Plants, Animals, Equipment that have been moved there. This gives you quick access to find those kinds of things in a given location. It doesn’t (currently) include “children” of that asset from a hierarchical perspective, although there’s an open feature request to include more of that hierarchy information on each asset’s page as well.

Here’s an intro to asset movement/location if it’s helpful: Movements and location | farmOS

Hope that clarifies what you’re seeing a bit!

I had an issue with Firefox registering my clicks on a different spot than my mouse-pointer.
Chrome-based browser did not.
Propably not the case here.

I wanted this too. But I also like the map. It brings some kind of identity to the dashbard.
Would be nice if the user could choose full width, half width of minimized.

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@Symbioquine had a brilliant idea to solve the clicking issue that doesn’t involve rearranging layers: Structure assets are rendered under land assets · Issue #651 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub


Thanks for the clarifications. Turning off the Land layers allows information from the buildings.


FYI we worked on this on yesterday’s dev call and I merged a fix for it this morning: Show map popup for the smallest feature at the clicked point by mstenta · Pull Request #652 · farmOS/farmOS · GitHub

So clicking on smaller polygons that are overlapped by larger polygons will work much better in the next release. Thanks again @Symbioquine and @paul121 for the help on that, and @blwallace for reporting it!

Hello all, nice topic!

@blwallace for sure you don’t need the map, I hope you would be able to collapse it soon.
@pat in the future you might choose to have your map as a small inset to the right of your screen.

On the same token, I have to say that as an animal farmer whose core activity is to frequently move mobs around the farm (rotational grazing; strip grazing; mob grazing; ultra-high stock-density grazing; etc.) at a daily or even hourly frequency, I would like to be able to setup my home webpage or app screen as a huge map that uses 100% of the screen and it contains a collapsed menu icon from which one could access aspects of the form that today is the default home page for