Route recording on the map

For example, can we record the route of the places we have passed when we drive around the field on the map?


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If you have a GPS device that creates KML files, you can upload those to a Log in farmOS and load it into the map so you can see the path.

Well, can we do this directly on the farmos? It will mark the map wherever I went in the field.

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We actually talked about a feature like this - more specifically for walking fence lines and dropping points at each corner to draw the line in the map automatically. This has not been built.

You might be able to do something similar with the existing map features, though, but it probably will be a little less than perfect.

On your phone, log into farmOS and click Add Log > Observation (or whatever log type you want to record), open up the Location tab and the map. Click the Geolocate button - this will show you where you are currently located. Then click the button for drawing a line. As you walk, you can touch the map where you are currently located to draw vertices of the line as you go. It is not automatic, but it might work for you until a better option is available.

thanks partially solves the problem but I wish it could do it automatically.

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Me too! Perhaps someone will build that one day. I don’t think it would take much. :slight_smile:

PS: Here is the open feature request if you or anyone else wants to work on it: Draw via GPS · Issue #51 · farmOS/farmOS-map · GitHub

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