Services with open API - possible uses with FarmOS

Starting a new topic here. I bet there are a lot of useful API’s to use with FarmOS in some way.

I’ve been using Toodledo for my repeating farm tasks a few years.
I find it alot easier to update, than an ordinary calendar app.

It’s free (with paid options), and as far as I know, it’s open source.
It also has great import/export features, and given the open API it could be interesting for more users.

Tasks can be grouped by folder, context, priority, status and tags.
That should make it quite easy to do different things with different tasks.

If a task requires to log the result of the task, a pending log in FarmOS could be created, reminding you to log the result.


Weather API’s

  1. OpenWeatherMap - Weather API - OpenWeatherMap
  2. -

Livestock API’s

  1. ICBF - [Ireland Only]

Crop API’s

  1. FieldBee GPS navigation and record keeping.
    Not yet there, but working on API.
    Customers will be updated via FieldBee’s newsletter.

Calendar / Task Manager API’s

  1. Google Calendar - API Reference  |  Google Calendar  |  Google Developers

  2. Toodledo -

Sensor-related API

  1. Ruuvi Cloud - User API - docs

  2. Neuron-Sensors - from El-Watch


This could make for an interesting Wiki post @mstenta, with a curated list of API’s categorized by potential, WIP or integration available?

Toodledo looks interesting and could make a nice integration.
I’ve been dabbling with a few:

ICBF (Irish Cattle Breeders Federation, API access by request)
Google (Calendar mostly)


Great idea! Should we make this topic the wiki post?


Makes sense to me to use this one. I presume an admin such as yourself needs to do it?


Not sure! But I will! :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll make a start, feel free to add to the list or make adjustments.
Any thoughts @pat @mstenta ?

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I might be missing something… Where is this wiki?
Do you mean the blog?


Your first post on this thread is now a wiki,
Basically everyone has an edit button for it now. I added a bit to the end of it if you look back.

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Aha… That made sense


Looks fine to me.

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Updated wiki with Neuron-Sensors Rest API
New version recently released.

Seems quite easy to use and the documentation lets you play around with it.

@Farmer-Ed Nice output from the API.

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